About us

The Growww story

Growww founder and Managing Director, Stephen Jackel, has over 10 years of commercial experience in digital technology in Australia. Stephen founded Groww after he became increasingly frustrated seeing many people and businesses invest heavily in new websites, mobile apps or other technology solutions, only to fail to take advantage of their technology to grow their business.

“These businesses would pay to have brilliant websites built, and then sit back and wait expectantly for waves of customers to arrive – but they never would. They had a fantastic technology asset that they didn’t know how to use.  It was like watching someone buy their first TV – one with with all the latest features – but then to not even realise that it came with a remote control. And a TV without a remote control isn’t much use!”

“At Growww we strive to do more than just build the best quality digital solutions – we deliver real results. At the end of the day, our clients want business growth – they want traffic to their site, they want leads and they want sales and that’s what we give them!”


The Groww team – experts in helping businesses thrive

The Growww team are the best. They are experts in web design, digital strategy, social media, marketing, SEO, email marketing and most importantly they care about results. Growww staff go the extra mile to work with clients to ensure that they are getting the most from their technology investments and are seeing real growth!