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Start-up Technology Partner

So you’re an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea for an online business that will change the world. You’re the product mastermind and have some mad business skills. All you need now is someone to build the software and “handle the technical stuff”.
You need a start-up technology partner.

The bad news

The bad news is that creating an online business is not as simple as it sounds. The online start-up space is tough from a technical perspective and a lot of start-ups fail because they can’t turn their ideas into reality. There are a lot of traps for those who are not experienced in running the technical side of a start-up:

  • Under-estimating the complexity – you need a lot more than a standard website
  • Aiming too high – trying to build too much functionality early on drains time and money.
  • Over-engineering -  investing in excessive technical infrastructure will blow out your timeline and cash reserves.
  • Prototypes don’t scale – watching as your servers struggle and crash once customers flood onto your site!
  • No strong technical leader – lacking technical direction and the pace, your product and dreams will drift along, always just out of reach..

If you just hire a couple of developers and expect it to all work out, your start-up will probably fail.

Growww specialises in helping start-up businesses

Now for the good news! At Growww we pride ourselves on being experts in understanding the unique needs of online start-ups and being able to partner with budding entrepreneurs as their start-up business technology partner.

We know how to follow the Lean Start-up principles to:

  • Impress potential investors and get funded
  • Get to market quickly and decisively
  • Deliver quality results without over-engineering
  • Build a quality Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that is more than just a prototype
  • Outpace and out-tech your competition!

Trust your start-up dreams to the experts.

Reach out to your new technology business partner today!

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